New! Thanks to the combination of new technologies, Paolo Carta has conceived and performed a unique show in the world, highly communicative and exciting. Light Painting Show knows no language barriers as it is performed on wonderful musics, thus making it suitable for audiences of all ages and nationality. It is also extremely versatile as the equipment used is minimal, making it possible to perform almost anywhere. Ask for a customized version for your company or event!

"I have never seen such a show in my entire life"

Arturo Brachetti


La Stampa (italian press)

The artist traces in the air, with the use of some flashlights of various shapes and colors, real drawings. In front of him there is a peculiar videocamera which, thanks to the aid of special software, captures the luminous traces and stores them, returning in real time the complete image which is projected on a large screen next to the performer. The audience thus sees the creation in real time of real artworks, which follow one another like splendid animated paintings.

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